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Reports that Impact will not be renewed by Spike TV


A number of media sources have reported that Spike TV will not be renewing Impact Wrestling when the contract expires in just over two months. There were reports that Carter positioned to her staff at a meeting on Friday that they were leaving Spike on their own volition due to a lack of promotion, but others have confirmed Spike had told Carter they were not going to offer a new deal.

I have a feeling the WWE Network will have some new stuff next year.

Sting interviewed by WWE.com

They’re doing everything backwards with Sting. I’m not saying that because I think it’s wrong, but WWE has never introduced a character like this. Sting goes from the one major star in wrestling to never work for WWE to a guy who’s a) in a video game, b) has an action figure, c) has a t-shirt, d) does special appearances, all within the span of a week.

How it normally goes is a character will be introduced on Raw, on live television, as a huge surprise. Then, they roll out merchandise and live appearances. Why not here? Is it to stretch out the idea that Sting won’t appear in a WWE ring? Is it to stave inevitable disappointment if he doesn’t actually wrestle? I’m not sure.

Having rolled out the periphery benefits of being a WWE franchise, will Sting actually ever show up on Raw? Or is this all there is? Does Sting need to be on WWE television in order to really be part of the company? Or can he always lurk in the sidelines, popping up to shock and delight?

Working on a new listicle

The first one was fairly well received (and surely read by more people who ever read me here), so I’m doing at least a few more. The next one will be about John Cena’s title reigns. Anyone you guys particularly love or hate about them? Do you have favourites? Do you hate any one of them more than the others?

The World Is Not Enough: A Chikara Road Diary

I stayed in the ocean for hours that day, until the tide was almost fully in, and the waves carried me past the sandbar and into the shoal. I ate Thai takeout from a restaurant housed in a fancied-up trailer, and fell asleep with a half-finished glass of PBR on the nightstand and Chopped on the dinky motel television. It’s been a long time since I’ve slept that well.

If you’re not already in love with Danielle’s writing, this’ll put a fine end to that.

The Mouth of the WWE

Two great things stuck out of Shoemaker’s newest article. The first was how he structured his critique of Heyman’s monologue from Monday. Through footnotes, he was able to commentate without superimposing himself on the text. This is where pop-out footnotes on a website would have given it layout perfection.

The second was the line that summed up the entire article.

A paragraph from Heyman is better than a match from most wrestlers.

No question.

Dean Ambrose's advice

How is Stephanie McMahon? Has anyone heard from Stephanie McMahon? She’s in jail tonight. Stephanie! I have a message for you. I hope you can hear me. I’m gonna try to get a hold of you tonight and get some phone numbers, some guys who have gotten me out of some similar situations. Their names are sneaky Pete and Fat Tony The Good Guy. They’re…good at what they do guys, and they’ve helped me out.

See exhibit A on why WWE.com exclusive interviews are 1000% better than the ones they actually air on Raw.

Summerslam 2014 “grindhouse” promo video

Played originally during Sunday’s Battleground PPV, the Summerslam 2014 promo video exhibits a certain grindhouse feel. I originally tweeted that 2013 had it as well, but then I looked up last year’s video and found something altogether not grindhouse. The video package that opened Summerlam 2013 was absolutely grindhouse-styled, but for some reason I remember them doing videos leading up to the event using the motif. I can’t find any, however, so obviously I’m nuts.

Either there’s some laziness on the part of WWE’s production team (I’ve seen very little evidence of this in history) or they’re deciding to coat this show’s show with the same aesthetic. Cool either way.

This malpracticing Doctor of Thuganomics is in for the beating of a lifetime.

Paul Heyman

Are we discrediting the entire school of thuganomics now, or just Cena’s upkeep on his licenses?