Kenny Omega vs Toru Yano

Bryan Rose:

This was so much fun. It was one of those matches where wrestling purists are going to hate it because of the comedy and unbelievability of some aspects of the match, but you know what? It was fun.

All the spots worked and made sense. It also helps that people buy into Yano’s pinfalls because in previous years he has pinned people in record fashion.

Sounds like my kind of wrestling match.

Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley added to WWE SummerSlam card

Joseph Currier:

After the fatal four-way for the Universal Championship was announced for SummerSlam earlier in the show, another match was later confirmed for the pay-per-view on tonight’s episode of Raw.

There are now three matches officially set for SummerSlam on August 20th. Naomi will defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Natalya, and Brock Lesnar will put his Universal title up for grabs in a fatal four-way match against Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe, and Roman Reigns.

Wait, hold on. Summerslam has two one-on-one Women’s matches? That can’t be right.

Daryl Takahashi


Daryl, the stuffed cat that Hiromu Takahashi has been carrying around, was ripped to shreds by Fale at this morning’s G1 show. Fale posted an edited tribute video to Daryl, with it ending with him destroying the cat. Kenny Omega tweeted: “An extremely emotional and touching tribute. Bullet Club offers to cover any and all funeral expenses for your… ummm… thing. #RIPDARYL

You monsters.

Daniel Bryan is in Pittsburgh, PA, site of Raw

Dave Meltzer:

Bryan Danielson is in Pittsburgh tonight where Raw will be tomorrow and what that means isn’t clear.

Danielson hasn’t been on Raw since his retirement speech on the February 8th Raw in Seattle.

His name was brought up on Raw last week as part of the Lana vs. Brie Bella program.

If we have to watch a Brie vs Lana match in order to get Rusev a regular role on Total Divas, is that not a very small price to pay?

Owens and Ambrose is done

Jeff Hamlin:

ne against Dean Ambrose for the WWE title. The WWE website has teased Kevin Owens not having a match set for WrestleMania, so he may factor into that finish to resume his program with Ambrose.

Owens is the intercontinental champion, a title far more often than not gets completely forgotten around Wrestlemania season. I’m sure they have something for him planned, but I’ll put money down that it won’t be with Ambrose. Our scrappy friend is already booked to fight Brock Lesnar, and the only way that changes is if both men get upgraded to the main event.

Charlotte and Emma injury updates

Bryan Alvarez:

Emma was down in the ring for a long time afterwards and there was concern that she had been legitimately knocked out.  We are told that she was hurt by the kick but not badly, probably could have finished the match, but the refs are cautious and the idea was better safe than sorry.

Charlotte was also injured during a match with Becky Lynch at the WWE house show in Indianapolis…. Charlotte was helped to the back while bleeding from the nose.  The only update we have so far is that she is said to be OK.

Phew. Close one, guys.

Brock Lesnar vs. Bray Wyatt booked for WWE Roadblock

Paul Fontaine:

On this week’s edition of Smackdown that aired in Canada Wednesday and in the U.S. Thursday, WWE announced that Brock Lesnar will wrestle Bray Wyatt at the Network exclusive special on May 12th, eminating from Toronto, ON.

This match was originally scheduled for this year’s WrestleMania, but Dean Ambrose was moved into the Wyatt spot prior to the Fastlane PPV.

This reminds me of 2011, when HHH’s original opponent was slated to be Sheamus (it was Sheamus who “took out” HHH in 2010). WWE had HHH beat Sheamus on a featured house show close to Wrestlemania instead.

Shame about the sub out from Luke Harper. I was looking forward to seeing him in a featured spot.