Who the hell is Sami Zayn?

davidg1996 on Reddit:

Right now this feud seems kinda rushed and last minute. I realize that this is probably due to all the current injuries and lacking Mania card, but they could at least give Zayn some mic time to explain himself to the casual audience.

The thread on this topic covers a lot of angles. The main points: people who watch other shows know who Sami Zayn is and why they should care, but fans who only watch Raw probably do not. All they’ve seen is this complete nobody act very angrily towards someone they do know.

If WWE is doing this on purpose, Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens is a fascinating experiment in cross-platform storytelling. They’re telling a story on Raw that has mostly been filled in on WWE.com and Smackdown. nXt told a story between them that requires knowing both characters in former incarnations in different companies. That’s a lot of assumed knowledge, even for wrestling fans.

How tough is Neville?


After breaking his ankle on Raw, Neville threw a hurricanrana and a jawbreaker before Jericho ended the match.The guy literally jumped five feet on a bad leg, and he literally landed on his knees for another bump.

Wrestlers are notorious for working through injuries in order to finish a match. It’s tough, but I think it’s stupid. More guts than brains.

Not explaining The Undertaker

Kyle Fowle:

Also, why is Undertaker willingly wrestling for Vince? He’s coming out to the ring, putting his hands on the boss, and saying he only does what he wants to do, but then he turns right around and goes after Shane. What’s his motivation? What’s his end goal? These are questions that don’t need thorough answers, but they need answers nonetheless.

WWE has had two opportunities with Undertaker in the ring to explain this. They clearly don’t want to. They’re fine with you filling in whatever you feel is the right answer. Think about it this way: considering how often WWE disappoints with its reasoning, wouldn’t you rather they leave more stuff unanswered?

Shane McMahon Sneaker Watch

hova092 on reddit:

Since I just learned Shane is a self proclaimed “Sneakerhead”, and I am also a huge fan of wasting money on “rare” sneakers, I decided to start cataloging the various hypebeast-level pairs Shane’s been wearing to the ring since his return, in case anyone else is interested.

There’s a table and everything. This may seem silly, but it’s no sillier than Apple bloggers caring about untucked shirts during Keynotes. Details are delightful.

Big Ending

mike353511 on reddit:

Big E. Man, it seems like this guy is improving every time I see him in the ring. From his selling to his offensive moves to his ring psychology, this man might be the most impressive guy on the roster at the moment. He used to hurting guys somewhat frequently and prone to botching, but he has been looking so smooth in the ring lately. When he countered Jericho’s codebreaker into the big ending last night I legit jumped out of my seat.

I did too. Big E countering Jericho into his own finisher was the highlight of Raw, and the cornerstone to the first great tag match of 2016.