You can skip Raw this week

Nick Paglino: is hyping the following story line points for tonight’s show:

-Will Dolph Ziggler instigate himself into another all-or-nothing match?

-Expect the Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch rivalry to kick into gear in a big way

-How will Lana and Team BAD make their presence known?

-Who will enter in the third annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal?

-Will The Authority settle their Roman Reigns problem in the ring or with a mountain of litigation?

Let me answer these questions for you quickly: no, why not, a little, nobodies, and in the ring.

The card is more or less complete, so expect this Raw (which is not the last one before Wrestlemania) to be a detail-filler.

A Preview to Monday Night Raw, August 22, 2011

Tonight’s raw is in Edmonton, so it should be a good one for straight wrestling, but I wouldn’t expect too much plot to develop. doesn’t even have a preview up for the episode. Night of Champions isn’t for a month (it feels like they’re beginning to separate them farther apart this year) so expect some wheel-spinning in the character department.

I have a feeling we’ll see some fantastic matches, though. WWE has a history of delivering on mat quality when they’re in Alberta.

WWE Monday Night Raw Review by Ryan McGee of the AV Club

WWE Monday Night Raw Review by Ryan McGee of the AV Club

More questions than answers

Just as the finale to Summerslam cracked open a fresh can of plot, last night’s Raw felt incredibly restrained in delivering on details. “Someone” texted Kevin Nash to attack the winner of the WWE Championship match. Stephanie McMahon was cryptic in her wooden style. John Lauranitis has something important to talk about with Nash. HHH promises he had nothing to do with it.

That’s a lot of maybe’s and what-ifs, but what’s interesting is that none of it has to do with the WWE Championship anymore. Alberto Del Rio rode in on one of the prettiest chariots around and bragged like a damn villain champion should. Of course, it might all be connected with some simple math. Alberto Del Rio has many giant piles of money. Kevin Nash has always liked giant piles of money. And that’s a fine explanation, if they choose to go with it.

“Hey, Alberto, what do you feel like doing today? I feel like beating Rey Mysterio.” Golden.

This brings us to Cena, who held possibly the loosest grasp on logic out of everyone. His threat was senseless, and his motives totally Hogan-esque. It’s this side of Cena we have every reason to dislike: the guy who will happily step over a more qualified contender in Mysterio to grab yet another title match.

WWE Monday Night Raw covered by The Onion

WWE Monday Night Raw covered by The Onion