Robbie Dorman on Ibushi/Omega

From Robbie Dorman’s Newsletter:

For all wrestling does as an art, boldly displaying male on male intimacy is something
rarely openly discussed. Being used in a storyline is rarer still, especially in a mainstream
company. Those subtexts have always been there for those who looked, but this is not
subtle. Hyper-exaggerated emotion is part of why wrestling is so great, but romantic love,
especially between men, is usually used as a punchline.

A moment like this is stunning. Toxic masculinity has been synonymous with wrestling,
despite the aforementioned male intimacy. When two of the best openly embrace care
and comfort as part of a story, not as a punchline, not as a joke, but as a moment of
drama, it normalizes it, and helps move wrestling forward. A simple hand on the heart.

Couldn’t have said it better.