Bizarro Land, 2017

I didn’t mention this in my report, but the long, strange tradition of Toronto as WWE’s “bizarro land” continued this week:

To the WWE, Toronto is sometimes “Bizarro Land.” To those who live here, we march to the beat of our own drummer. Toronto has a history of going against the WWE grain. Hence why Bayley was booed and Jinder Mahal was cheered as Raw, Smackdown and 205 Live emanated from The Big Smoke this week.

As for why we do this? John Powell has a theory:

Mahal’s current stint in the WWE mirrors that of Bret “Hitman” Hart to some degree. In the late nineties, Hart was welcomed as a hero in Canada and the rest of the world but portrayed as a villain in the U.S. when he turned on his American fans for not supporting him during his feud with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Although they were at times crass about it, for many outside America, Hart and the Hart Foundation (Owen Hart, Jim Neidhart, Davey Boy Smith and Brian Pillman) expressed their general feelings about America while many Americans rightfully railed against those who would put their homeland down.

I think a lot of people forget that WWE is not only an American product, but tinged with a lot of Americana. Jinder Mahal’s pro-India character isn’t something Canadians are as likely to boo. As for Bayley, Toronto crowds are a lot like Brooklyn’s: knowledgeable. These are people who subscribe to the Network and watched Bayley in nXt, and they’re unsatisfied with how her character has been portrayed since moving up to Raw.

WWE Hall of Famer Bret ‘Hit Man’ Hart on his battle with prostate cancer and the importance of early detection


WWE.COM: First and foremost, how are you feeling right now?

BRET HART: I’m actually feeling pretty good. I’m still a little sore in the abdominal area where I have five puncture holes about the size of a pencil in my stomach that make it hard to sit up. The incision they made was pretty small, only an inch-and-a-half to two inches long. For the most part, as compared to other surgeries, you can get back on your feet pretty quick. I got the thumbs–up from my doctor that I should have a smooth and steady recovery for the next few months. I won’t be running any mountains, and I can’t lift anything over 10 pounds. All I can do is sit around. Thank God for WWE Network. I’ve been watching a lot of it.

I’m very happy to hear he’s doing all right.

Jim Ross Provides Bret Hart Update, Says His Cancer is a “Non-Issue” Now

Nick Paglino:

Jim Ross recently appeared on “The Gunz Show,” and during the appearance Ross says WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart has defeated prostate cancer.

Ross added he was recently exchanging text messages with Bret, who had surgery just a few weeks back, and Ross said “they removed the cancer by removing his prostate… His cancer is a non-issue now, thank God. All issues are resolved and addressed … so that’s the good news about Bret Hart.”