The Styles Clash is still a thing

Bill Pritchard:

Styles did end up using the Clash to defeat Curtis Axel, but the decision to use the Calf Crusher going forward was made after that. Styles hadn’t teased and used the move after being told to use the Crusher, but Chris Jericho reportedly wanted the Clash included in their PPV match. Since the move made it into the match without issue it’s believed the Clash is ‘okayed’ to be used again, but the Calf Killer is expected to continue to be Styles’ finisher.

I don’t understand why Styles never came up with a better finisher. He only had fifteen years to figure something out. And after the injuries, he should have retired it. The calf crusher is fine as a submission, but a performer like AJ Styles should have something high impact, fast, and safe. The Styles Clash is none of those things.

AJ Styles, Christian hip hop dork

As a Christian, Styles loves listening to Hip-Hop artists who are believers. He boasts that he can “school almost any rapper on the history of Christian hip-hop”


The wrestling business seems to have been good to his beliefs as well because he does not recall ever being put into a storyline that compromised his Christianity or made him feel uncomfortable.

I guess he’s also pretending his entire run in TNA wasn’t one big uncomfortable storyline.