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How exciting, the possibility of ending up somewhere else: The Revolutionary Potential of Kenny Omega

The rules of GLOW boot camp were simple: safety first, and don’t worry about weight loss. The Glorious Bodies Of “GLOW”

He was wearing a turban. And then he spoke Punjabi. The crowd expressed its disapproval. How Jinder Mahal, an Indian WWE Star, Is Turning Up the Heat

An emphasis on consent, the deconstruction of heterosexist stereotypes, and promoting the WWE’s first openly gay wrestler are just some of the ways Scarlett Harris and her wrestling fan friends envision how the company can begin to incorporate more queer perspectives into wrestling. Some queer storyline suggestions for World Wrestling Entertainment

While the prolificacy of WWE and Young Bucks merchandise shows how much money is to be made from non-male shoppers, PW Grrrl Gang exemplifies how wrestling fans are “showing themselves to be generous, welcoming, and kind,” J says. “Currently all of the proceeds go back into the initiative. Every dollar we make from the sale of the shirts goes toward purchasing tickets to independent wrestling events that we then give away to fans.” The WWE Is Missing Out on an Audience With Spending Power

This gif might embody the essence of 2017 as I see it, which I identified early on as a year in which we would only survive if we learned how to give no fucks. On Gifs that Express Volumes and Other Pressing Matters

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