Jinder Mahal on Meteoric Rise in WWE

Ryan Dilbert:

Mahal was a young boy when Singh prowled the rings in Calgary, Toronto, and beyond. But when Mahal decided to enter the squared circle himself, his uncle helped guide him. Bad News Brown, Gerry Morrow and Singh all had a hand in training a young Mahal.

After winning the WWE title from Randy Orton at Backlash in May, the new champ’s celebration didn’t end in the ring. He showed off his newly won prize with a man he views as a mentor and father figure.

Terrific write-up that humanizes Mahal and makes you want great things to keep happening to him. I was mainly impressed with how Mahal’s “xenophobia-inducing villain” persona doesn’t come up. He’s just a guy with a dream and a close connection to those who helped him along the way.

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