Lionizing Shibata

Youtube channel “Showbuckle” is doing what isn’t often done with wrestling: arguments and articles with video accompaniment.

This video, which showcases some of NJPW’s camera work, is a good use of this medium. It’s almost definitely easier to show the camera tricks than describe them. But I have a problem with this video, and readers of the blog probably see it.

A good amount of the video lionizes Katsuyori Shibata. I don’t necessarily disagree with the arguments made about Shibata (he was good at playing to the camera), but the fact is, this video was posted after Shibata’s concussion. I think it’s in poor taste to fawn over his style when it put himself and others in danger. I didn’t see a single comment underneath the video that echoed this, so I’m going to assume I’m a minority in not wanting to think negatively about Shibata right now, but that’s where I stand.

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