205 Live


Coming off the success of WWE Network’s recent Cruiserweight Classic tournament and the formation of the new Cruiserweight division, which airs exclusively on Monday Night Raw, 205 Live will feature Superstars that are 205 pounds and under.

Ever since the Cruiserweight Classic (hell, for years beforehand) the most obvious show that WWE could produce for their Network is a one-hour show built around cruiserweights. They’re finally doing it, but this is also an admission of failure.

For the last two months, “the cruiserweight division” has been on Raw, and it’s largely fallen flat. I’d wager this is because of two things:

1) The Raw audience is WWE’s broadest and least-passionate. Raw is the wrestling show people watch casually, and there are still a lot of viewers who don’t care about performers with no name cache.

2) The Raw writers had no idea how to write for cruiserweights, and Vince McMahon, who is still very much in charge, does not care about them at all.
It’s no secret that cruiserweight wrestling is a Triple H passion project. He had the ability to get them on Raw, but he can’t control the whole show. This is why we ended up with one halfway-decent narrative involving two characters and a bunch of forgettable tag maches.

My guess is, the writing was on the wall for cruiserweights on Raw. Triple H wants this project to continue, so he’s protecting the brand by putting it back on the Network.

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