Sonder, November 26, 2015


I’ve been consciously trying to read more writing both by and about women. It wasn’t that my ratio was terrible before, it’s that I didn’t pay attention to the difference. Online, it’s so easy to isolate yourself and only consume what you already know, and while there’s a simple comfort in that, it does nothing to broaden your mind to other points of view. Being a white male in his thirties, I’m the target market for isolated cultural comfort. It’s the default. And I want that to change, at least for myself. Hence, consciously reading more women.

Anyways, I wanted to share some of the best articles I’ve read in the last few weeks that have come to my attention directly because of this. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have seen this otherwise, but I may have skimmed them more, or I may not have checked the byline. Specifically, these stories have a running theme: men are either not doing enough, or are in many cases being outright hostile to the progress of women in professional and personal settings. 

From Electric Literature: What Women Can Learn From Reading Sexist Male Writers

From The Atlantic: Why Men Don’t Like Funny Women

From Lithub: 80 Books No Woman Should Read

From Matter on Medium: On Gawker’s Problem With Women and SELFIE

From The New York Times: The Women of Hollywood Speak Out

From Vice: Stoya on Dating “the Good Kind of Male Feminist”

From The Walrus: Catharsis Is a Superhero

And finally, from Reductress: Man Corners Woman to Explain He Is ‘One of the Good Ones’

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