Darth Vader, political candidate in Ukraine

From Vice, of course:

My sources in Ukraine agree with the latter notion. “The Internet Party was set up to discredit the electoral process,” said political analyst Olexandr Paliy, adding that he believed the party—which, by his estimate, spent millions of dollars on advertising and Star Wars paraphernalia—was set up by oligarchs in an attempt to make the government look weak. “It’s entirely too expensive to just be a joke,” Paliey said.

There are worse ways to point out that an election process has become totally corrupted. Who do you believe? The undoubtedly corrupt public officials, or Darth freakin’ Vader? 

We promised money for votes, and people signed up. We had a list—when people voted for Darth Vader, they took a picture of the ballot with their phone, sent it our way, and we paid them. We bought about 18,000 votes in Odessa, but the final number of popular votes was around 7,000. We wanted to see if the election office would be honest, but they lied. We have 18,000 votes, confirmed. The government is to blame; the government doesn’t allow us to get our earned votes.

I mean, this is all fun and games. There’s no way he could win, right? It’s not like there’s already an Emperor Palpatine on the Odessa City Council or anything

The PR campaign for Star Wars: The Force Awakens saw an unexpected and unintended boost this week after a candidate known as Emperor Palpatine won a seat during a Ukraine city council election.

Okay. Well, at least the Emperor isn’t funding Darth Vader’s campaign:

In all seriousness, we got money from Emperor Palpatine, who won a seat on Odessa’s city council. We hope that, with his help, more and more will see things our way. Soon enough, the whole city council will join the dark side.

Oh my god. 

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