You know that app is fake, right?

I heard about the “Tinder but for fighting” app from three people who all prefaced their tale with an “apparently.” I’ve got a new rule. Whenever anyone starts a sentence with “apparently,” in real life or in an article, I’m going to assume they don’t know anything. You might as well say, “I’ve done zero research on this, but…”

Anyways, apparently it was a marketing ploy all along:

Yesterday much of the online media was duped into writing about Rumblr, an app that described itself as the place “for recreational fighters to find, meet and fight other brawl enthusiasts nearby.” There was even a mock-up of the app and a promise that it was “coming soon” to the Apple Store.

It was all a hoax. 

Someone should make an app like this just to catfish men’s rights activists with promises of fights as if they were pieces of candy to James Woods, then when they’re underneath the trap box, pull the string. Send them to that “top men” facility and then we can all move on.


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