Good Writing Doesn’t Scale

Carles Buzz:

“Niche blogging doesn’t work anymore. Neither does reporting or longform. A strong point of view and eloquent pieces aren’t scalable. The bots and longtail internet users who drive pageviews these days don’t care about expertise, passion, or even perfectly assembled words. Your unique point of view won’t be discovered and you won’t be paid above market content farm wages.”

I’ve never worked at a content farm site, though I’ve had a few offers and actually tried a few times. It always ended up the same way. I’d send in my first piece, and they’d reject it. They would say it contained too much personal perspective. I never understood this. I wasn’t writing for the New York Times, I was writing for a blog that contacted me based on my writing, which, I can assure you, was full of “personality.”

Personal writing is what made Grantland good-looking by the way. Not that anyone with power in this situation cares.


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