Teen crime tsar in tears over her foul Twitter rant

Paris Brown, 17, who also bragged of drug-taking, binge-drinking and complained about her sex life, said she had been “showing off and wildly exaggerating” in her Twitter posts.

But as pressure grew on her to quit her job representing teenagers’ views on policing, her boss rushed to her defence.

Ann Barnes, Kent’s independent police and crime commissioner, said: “Many young people go through a phase during which they make silly, often offensive comments and show off on Facebook and Twitter.”

Now if only we could get this message across to all types of purported "role model" positions: people generally suck at being role models and perhaps we should get rid of the whole idea altogether. 

I have no patience for the argument that a person should act a certain way because of a certain title. ​It discourages us from expecting basic human decency all the time

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