International Object Podcast S2E7: Geno Mrosko

Geno Mrosko from Cagesideseats and K Sawyer Paul discuss the space between pro wrestling and MMA, and how wrestling can better identify itself going forward.

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Show notes:

Cageside Seats

Amateur Wrestling

Brock Lesner in a singlet

Kayfabe T-Shirts

WWE & the Reality Era: A Sign of Change or Repackaging the Status Quo? by Willian Gullo

WWE House Shows

Let’s Kill Wrestling Commentary: A month without audio

“We make movies”

Chael Sonnen steals promo from Superstar Billy Graham

Was Brock Lesnar vs Alistair Overeem rigged?

Professional Wrestling and its Fans: A Sociological Study of the Sport of Pro-Wrestling

Key & Peele: Ultimate Fighting Match Preview

Savage vs Steamboat

Mason Ryan

Onegin at the Canadian National Ballet

Spoiler Alert: Stories Are Not Spoiled by ‘Spoilers’

Randy Orton vs Kane

Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus

CM Punk vs Jericho

WWE Free for All

WWE’s production profile at


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