Sometimes I feel like a bad [female] [male] [LGTBQ] wrestling fan…

And now, the other side of the coin…

“I don’t mind talking outfits, entrances, charisma, or presence, because those all add to wrestling as a performance art. I love talking about moves, matches, and storylines – what worked, what didn’t, and why. However, I don’t want to discuss what they look like and what someone would like to do to them in the bedroom. To me, that’s not what wrestling’s about. “

One of the things we set out to do with this issue is promote the idea that there aren’t male wrestling fans or female wrestling fans. It’s a bullshit illusion fed by people who profit off demographics and stereotypes. Every time we forget that we’re all goddamn individuals with different preferences, those people begin to make money.

Here’s a confession that should be obvious for people who’ve read me a while: I could really care less what happens on wrestling shows week to week. I’m interested in theory, trends, and the tropes of this art form. More than anything, I’m for promoting it as an art form and not a “fake sport.” What actually occurs on the shows are details for me, because my subject is bigger than any episode or live event. My subject is about what the hell wrestling is and what it means to people. I believe with the Fair to Flair Quarterly, we’ve begun to crack that, just a little bit.

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