Season 3

A few weeks ago, Community had its penultimate episode (hopefully not, but for now), and of course, dozens of well-written analysis came from very talented writers. One such article was so good I had to bookmark it and promise to somehow shoehorn it into an article about professional wrestling. It talked a little about what Season 3s were good for:

“…season threes are often about synthesis, about taking everything that’s been learned in the process of making the show so far and seeing if you can’t boil that down into something hard and kind of perfect….If season one of this show was all about saying, “Look what we can do!” and season two was all about saying, “No. Seriously. Look what we can do,” then season three has been about saying, “We can do all of this, but we don’t always have to.”

I’ve been writing about professional wrestling for a long time, but I started doing it on a regular, unbroken basis in late 2009 when I wrote this. Over the course of 8 months, I think I wrote a pretty good blog parodying Vince McMahon as a somewhat tragicomic figure. Then, in September of last year, I began writing as myself. My second post was about Chris Jericho. I started podcasting, interviewing fellow wrestling fans, co-founding Fair to Flair, I did a little graphic design here and there, and I wrote a flurry of essays that many people have called the best wrestling writing they’ve ever seen.

I’m going to have less spare time in 2012 for professional wrestling. My content is not going to suffer. I have serious plans, but I also have to know what fat to cut.

For instance, I wanted to write a thousand words on why I thought Jericho’s brilliant stunt on Monday was revolutionary, because it was the first major scene in professional wrestling not to involve a single tangible verb. Chris Jericho emerged after weeks of unrelated video teasers. Chris Jericho walked to the ring, excited, shaking hands. Chris Jericho left, without saying a word, without threatening anyone, promising anything, or hinting at motive.

I could go on about that for a while, but I wonder if that paragraph is enough for what I’m trying to communicate. If I have less time, then shorter is better. Maybe, like Jericho, saying less can mean more, especially in a sea of people who often say too much.

But that’s just one thing. 2012 is going to be my Season 3 for lots of reasons. It’s going to be the year I finally deliver on a few things, though I won’t spoil that quite yet (how mysterious!)

But I want to throw to you. What do you want to see from me? What about wrestling do you wish I focused on more? What should I cut out? Let me have it. We can’t grow if we don’t tear at the muscle every now and then.

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