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Live-Tweeting of WCW/nWo Souled Out 1998

Much like how Scott Hall gets a title shot at some point in the future, one day soon I’ll be on the What a Maneuver podcast talking about Souled Out 98. I decided to tweet about it while I watched it. Results after the jump.

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King of Trios for Beginners →


King of Trios, the most important event on the Chikara calendar and perhaps the biggest event in independent wrestling in a given year, begins Friday. While the event has my fires and the fires of the Chikaraverse stoked, I would be naive to assume that every wrestling fan knows what the weekend is about. On the surface, it’s just a six-man tag team tournament, but as with anything in wrestling, especially Chikara, the roots grow more deeply than what they’d appear from the surface. In addition, the Chikara mythos can feel daunting to newbies or outsiders.

Saved to Instapaper.

TNA Impact Wrestling’s Robbie E, Brooke tag teaming on ‘The Amazing Race’ →

TNA Impact Wrestling’s Robbie E Strauss ranks his participation in the upcoming season of “The Amazing Race” on CBS at the top of the list of hardest things he’s done in his life. That’s saying something considering he puts his body on the line regularly for a living.

Let’s not stress “regularly” in regards to people wrestling in TNA.

Rock n Wrestling coming to WWE Network →

Mike Johnson:

The next addition to the WWE Network should be the Hulk Hogan’s Rock N’ Wrestling cartoon series which aired 26 episodes from 1985-1987 which aired on Saturday mornings on CBS.

Never watch cartoons you remember from your childhood.

Openly Biased Against Lex Luger →

This week Philip Kollar, deputy reviews editor for Polygon, joins us to talk about the 1997 edition of WCW World War 3! We also discuss the first two episodes of the Monday Night Wars doc on the WWE Network, the origin of Rick Steiner’s head gear, 4 counts, WCW Logic, and the future of wrestling videogames.

This sounds like it’s going to be a great episode.

Cheap Heat with Bray Wyatt →

Star Of Savage:

Why you should skip it: When RAW is bad, discussion about RAW tends to be not great as well. Such is the case here, a dead horse I feel we’ve been beating since right after SummerSlam. The reader question section freshens up the show a bit, but Rosenberg’s heel shtick dampens the fun. As for the Wyatt interview, it would be nice if Rosenberg could decide whether he wanted to interview Bray Wyatt or Windham Rotunda. Trying to do both doesn’t work, at least not in his hands.

The first question a wrestling podcast should ask itself is: are we in or out of the fictional universe? Being both is asinine.

Final edition of WWE Magazine hits newsstands today after 30 years in circulation →

It was my dream job. And now I’ll never get it.

John Corrigan eulogizes WWE Magazine in fine form.


Mick Foley gets it: wrestlers who go on morning talk shows must administer a headlock.


Mick Foley gets it: wrestlers who go on morning talk shows must administer a headlock.

Breaking Down Glen Jacobs' WWE Career →

Chris Harrington:

After twenty years on national television, Glen Jacobs has established quite the WWE legacy. No one else comes close to matching Kane’s record for number of modern WWE matches.

While you were busy paying attention to characters you cared about, Kane racked up more matches than anyone else in the modern era. Sneaky.

What WWE was hoping to achieve →

Mike Johnson:

WWE sources stated that the segment was placed where it was specifically in an attempt to get fans to watch during the half-time of last night’s NFL broadcast. That was why Cena used the “half-time” verbiage during his initial segment with Paul Heyman that opened the show; they were specifically trying to tell the audience that might tune out for football when they could come back to see Brock and Cena.

Whatever happened to “Don’t change that dial, because this is the hottest program on the air”?

Oh right, that was Nitro.