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Seriously, Apple is doomed

I was going to summarize all the main points tallied in the “Apple is doomed” talking point these days, but Gruber already did it so I’m linking to him.

I’m talking about Apple here because there’s been a talking point echoed for months in the blogger community: “Steve Jobs wouldn’t have done this thing,” which leads to, “this thing isn’t what I expected from Apple,” which leads to “some other company is doing it differently,” which leads to “Apple is doomed.”

Talking points are poisonous, because they’re often propped up by circular arguments that easily fall apart, but keep reproducing regardless of fault. This one is suspiciously leaking, since a) Steve Jobs made mistakes all the time, b) Apple routinely makes products people don’t expect, c) other companies often fill products in where Apple doesn’t, and d) Apple keeps having record-breaking quarters. It’s not just one thread in the talking point that’s false; it’s all four.

Crime Is Up and Bloomberg Blames iPhone Thieves

The proliferation of people carrying expensive devices around is so great,” Mr. La Vorgna said. “It’s something that’s never had to be dealt with before.

Of the things people steal, phones are generally the only thing you can track and wipe remotely. But what do politicians know? Brands sell press conferences, that’s what.

A Photographer Captures Grief

But during this past decade, Essdras had to document more horror: the invasion of Iraq, for example, and the aftermaths of the earthquake in Haiti and of the tsunami in Indonesia. He recently recalled the time he encountered a two- or three-year-old boy in a clinic on Sumatra in 2004 days after waves surged ashore. Much of the boy’s face had been shorn of skin. Essdras had to weigh the child’s pain and privacy against the value of showing the wider world the extent of the suffering.

Great piece. News photographers have to constantly wrestle between human sympathy (and privacy) and getting the shot. They also have to wrestle with turning tragedies into entertainment; pain into art. It’s an exceptionally difficult position.