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The Dream Solution for a Nightmare Scenario


However, if everything possible goes wrong that can go wrong, would it be too farfetched to suggest that WWE should look at backing a dump-truck full of money to the Broken Skull Ranch and seeing if Steve Austin would mind coming out of retirement for a year?

Fascinating theory, but wrestling’s problems go deeper than any one star, organization, or television deal. Pro wrestling, as a whole, is a cultural dead rat. I love it. TH loves it. A whole lot of us love it, but it’s largely because we’ve been around too long. To entice new fans (and I don’t just mean the die-hards on Tumblr who make gifs everyday), wrestling has to evolve. It can’t keep doing what it’s doing. It can’t be what we know, or what’s come before.

If wrestling is to actually become a successful cultural thing, we pretty much have to let go of wrestling as we know it.

How great would it be if HHH wore the pirate shirt from mania and introduced Steph, who came out with the throne and the BFFs?

WWE Network heats up with Sunday Night SummerSlam

WWE Universe, get ready for SummerSlam 2014 by watching Sunday Night SummerSlam on WWE Network! Celebrate The Biggest Party of the Summer by reliving the best events in SummerSlam history every Sunday evening on WWE Network.

There’s loads of things WWE could do to improve its library on the network (content, search, playlists, etc), but my no 1 request for improving the live channel is predictable programming blocks. Knowing what’s going to happen a few days in advance isn’t enough. I want know in the back of my head that if it’s Sunday in the summer, Summerslam is on.

Impact Wrestling Cancelled by Spike TV


We’re told there’s no bad blood, and Spike gave TNA such advance notice so it would have time to shop for a new TV deal.

People are going to look for all sorts of reasons why TNA is getting cancelled, but TMZ probably has it right here. There simply isn’t enough interest in TNA Wrestling to keep it going. Business is business.

As for what replaces it? ROH? NJPW? Chikara? Please. Spike is putting reruns on Thursday night.

WWE signs Fergal Devitt to NXT

Prior to signing with WWE, Devitt was widely considered one of the most highly touted free agents in sports-entertainment. Hailing from Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland, his path to NXT and WWE has been circuitous: Initially trained in England, Devitt honed his craft in the U.K. and U.S. independent scenes before entering the notoriously disciplined dojos of New Japan Pro Wrestling. He also competed in Mexico, though it was in New Japan that he rose to greatest prominence, under the name Prince Devitt.

In the 80s, WWE acquired its superstars through the AWA and NWA. In the 90s, they actively pursued WCW superstars. There was a lull there during the early aughts where they were forced to develop their talent from scratch. While that infrastructure still exists, there’s certainly been an upswing in the last few years of acquiring from the “competition” again, this time with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Reports that Impact will not be renewed by Spike TV


A number of media sources have reported that Spike TV will not be renewing Impact Wrestling when the contract expires in just over two months. There were reports that Carter positioned to her staff at a meeting on Friday that they were leaving Spike on their own volition due to a lack of promotion, but others have confirmed Spike had told Carter they were not going to offer a new deal.

I have a feeling the WWE Network will have some new stuff next year.

Sting interviewed by WWE.com

They’re doing everything backwards with Sting. I’m not saying that because I think it’s wrong, but WWE has never introduced a character like this. Sting goes from the one major star in wrestling to never work for WWE to a guy who’s a) in a video game, b) has an action figure, c) has a t-shirt, d) does special appearances, all within the span of a week.

How it normally goes is a character will be introduced on Raw, on live television, as a huge surprise. Then, they roll out merchandise and live appearances. Why not here? Is it to stretch out the idea that Sting won’t appear in a WWE ring? Is it to stave inevitable disappointment if he doesn’t actually wrestle? I’m not sure.

Having rolled out the periphery benefits of being a WWE franchise, will Sting actually ever show up on Raw? Or is this all there is? Does Sting need to be on WWE television in order to really be part of the company? Or can he always lurk in the sidelines, popping up to shock and delight?

Working on a new listicle

The first one was fairly well received (and surely read by more people who ever read me here), so I’m doing at least a few more. The next one will be about John Cena’s title reigns. Anyone you guys particularly love or hate about them? Do you have favourites? Do you hate any one of them more than the others?